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Prince Robot IV holding up Alana's confiscated copy of A Night Time Smoke.

A Night Time Smoke is a romance novel written by D. Oswald Heist, widely panned by readers. (McHenry, for example, described it as "the kind [of stupid romance] housewives buy at the supermarket.") Alana's favorite book.


The novel concerns two characters, Eames, a rock monster, and Contessa, the daughter of a rich quarry owner. After they meet, they hang out and lead a quiet, unassuming life together in their apartment, playing board games and sometimes going to see movies (at which they eat sandwiches).


While most readers of the novel (or most fans of Heist's other work) consider this book to be complete trash, there are some who see it as a thinly-veiled tract in favor of radical pacifism and inaction--a message that runs entirely counter to the ongoing war between Landfall and Wreath forces.