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Countess Robot X
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Countess Robot X is a member of the Robot Kingdom and was PFC Alana's first commanding officer.


Countess Robot X arrived on the planet Mota while it was still heavily occupied by Wreath forces. At the time, Alana was working a turret on X's Vondertank. Their team had been called in to rescue a Coalition platoon trapped on an island with only one suspension bridge as an exit. Their mission was to destroy the bridge before the enemy could make it across and slaughter their own troops. After the Vondertank's bombardier had been killed by enchanted shrapnel, X ordered Alana to man the station and release the bombs, but Alana refused.

Alana: "The bridge is crowded with too many Mota commuters!"

Countess Robot X: "Any military-age civilian not actively resisting the moonies is a clean target."

Alana eventually dropped the bombs with a direct hit, most likely sending "a hundred vehicles into the drink." X later transferred Alana to the planet Cleave for her hesitation/being "a worthless cunt."