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Status Alive
First appearance Saga #1
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Gale is a special agent of the Landfall Coalition's Secret Intelligence division. He possesses a pair of bat-like wings that enable him, like other male inhabitants of Landfall, to fly.

Gale serves as the point of contact for Prince Robot IV in regards to the latter's mission to hunt down Alana, Marko, and Hazel.

When the prince does not seem to be completing his mission quickly enough, Gale travels to the Robot Kingdom's homeworld and obliquely threatens the prince with violence against his pregnant wife.

After Princess Robot is killed by Dengo and her and IV's infant son taken, Gale approaches IV in private and alerts him that the Landfall Coalition has secretly placed bugging devices in the Robot Kingdom's ships, including the one Dengo used to flee with the IV's son. When IV asks why Gale is helping him find Dengo, Gale claims it is out of respect for he late Princess.