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Izabel is a Horror from the planet Cleave who serves as a babysitter for the infant Hazel.

The Horrors are ghosts of the indigenous people who persist after death as spiritual defenders of Cleave. Izabel appears as a floating figure who is missing the lower half of her body (some of her intestines and entrails hang out from beneath her shirt), as she died by accidentally stepping on a landmine left by forces of either The Landfall Coalition or The Narrative.

After the sound of the Horrors' approach frightens off The Stalk, Izabel offers to lead Alana and Marko to a shortcut off world in exchange for taking her with them. As a spirit, Izabel can only leave the planet if she is bonded to the soul of a living native. Since Hazel was born on Cleave, she qualifies. Alana is distrustful of the idea, but with Marko bleeding out from The Stalk's attack, she does not have much choice and agrees. Izabel becomes Hazel's first babysitter.

Trivia: While Izabel looks like a teenager, she has been asked by Klara how old she (Izabel) is and Alana stated she thinks Izabel has been around much longer than either of them.

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