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Klara is the wife of Barr and the mother of Marko, making her Hazel's grandmother and Alana's mother-in-law. She does not seem to approve of Marko's choice of partner, leading to some tense family conversations. In addition, Klara appears to be the most pro-bloodshed member of the family (describing Marko's aversion to battle, at one point, as a "squeamishness" that "is most unbecoming").

When Marko was young, Klara and Barr took their son to the ancient site of the final battle held on Wreath so that he could learn the valuable lesson not to forget about the massacres of their people or about those who massacred them.

When a Freelancer came searching for Marko, Klara and Barr decided to seek out their son, although Klara wanted to try and gather more information before taking action (although Wreath High Command told them nothing). Barr, in contrast, immediately sold their house for a pair of crash helms they could use to move to Marko's location quickly. When their son sacrificed his family's sword in order to ignite his rocketship, they appeared moments later to "rescue" him. Klara banished Izabel to a nearby planet, thinking she was a threat, but Marko stopped them from any further combat.

When Marko left to find Izabel, Klara followed him. On the planet, Klara and Marko had a highly charged discussion about Alana and whether or not Marko should have "outgrown" that "rebelliousness" decades ago. Klara noted sympathy for Marko's old fiancee Gwendolyn, which confused Marko as Klara had, at one time, called her a "worthless draft dodger." When she began comparing Alana to an overgrown housefly, Marko struck the ground in front of her with magical lightning as a warning.

When Klara, Marko, and Izabel returned to the rocketship, Klara and Alana immediately butted heads about the best way to escape the heat-seeking missiles fired by The Will from his own ship nearby. Barr, having had time to get to know Alana, counseled his wife to let their daughter-in-law work with the sentient ship. Then, when the ship's escape was threatened by the gravitational pull of the fetal Timesuck emerging from the exploded planet, Klara begged her son to take Hazel and escape the ship using the crash helms obtained by Klara and Barr. Marko instead tossed one of the helms into the ship's furnace so that it could generate enough velocity to break free of the Timesuck's grasp.

Unknown to Klara, Barr sacrificed the last of his energy to hold the ship together during this ordeal, and she returned to the deck too late to help him. With Marko beside her, she cradled her late husband in her arms.

Marko had planned to locate a suitable planet for Klara and Barr to disembark on, but with his passing Klara stayed on--hiding out with her family in D. Oswald Heist's lighthouse when Prince Robot IV came calling.