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Mama Sun
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Status Dead
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Mama Sun is an authority figure on the planet Sextillion; she is the owner of Slave Girl and commands Sextillion Loss Prevention. She is a large, purple humanoid with jagged teeth.

Her first appearance is in issue #4, where she prevents The Will from escaping Sextillion with her Slave Girl by holding Lying Cat hostage. She offers to sell Slave Girl to The Will for six-hundred and fifty thousand, later raising her offer to thirty million when The Will and Gwendolyn attempt to fool her into releasing Slave Girl to them in issue #9. She sends Sextillion Loss Prevention agents in her place to make the latter offer, but they are killed and Slave Girl is rescued by The Will and Gwendolyn.

Mama Sun then oversees Prince Robot IV's stay at Sextillion in issue #20. Knowing the Prince's kingdom is searching for him and that his child was recently born, Mama Sun initially insists Prince Robot IV enjoy his privacy. However, after the death of the Prince's wife and kidnapping of his son, she informs IV of this ordeal. Prince Robot IV was angered by three-weeks delayed notice of his son's birth, and thus used his arm cannon to blast a hole through Mama Sun's chest, killing her (this occurred in issue #21).