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Prince Robot IV
Relative(s) King Robot (father)

Queen Robot (mother)

Princess Robot (wife)

Squire (son)

Affiliation Robot Kingdom
Species Robot
Occupation Prince (former)
Status Deceased ( killed by The Will)
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Prince Robot IV is a member of the royal family, being the son of King and Queen Robot, and an emissary of the Robot Kingdom assigned to figuring out what happened with Alana and Marko. He had a child with the late Princess Robot.

Like seemingly many Robots of high birth, he can warp his arm into a powerful cannon which serves as his primary weapon. He can also warp it into other objects, such as a cup.

Prince Robot IV served in the conflict, but retired after surviving a devastating sneak attack by Wreath forces which left him with a neck injury, and decided to start a family.

He eventually joined team Marko after defecting from the robot kingdom with his son Squire.


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