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Princess Robot notifying Prince Robot IV of her pregnancy.

Princess Robot is married to Prince Robot IV. They had been trying to have children for a while and when he returned from a two year military ambush, they were finally successful.[1] She didn't find out until the Prince had already been sent on another assignment by King Robot. She informed IV over the phone and informed him the King would not allow him to return until he had completed his mission of finding the defector, Alana.[2]

The Princess gave birth to their son and was tended to by many of the Royal Robots. Dengo, a lowly and scorned poor robot, watched from a distance and loathed the luxuries she was granted.[3]

Later, the Princess coddled her newborn boy awaiting the return of her prince when Dengo walked in. His sword dripped with blood and told her that her son would help deliver a message of oppression to all in the kingdom. He then stabbed her through the face killing her and took her son on his journey.[4]