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"This spaceship has its own foyer!" - Marko

The Forest[]

The Rocketship Forest is an area on the planet Cleave which was previously home to vast numbers of sentient trees; they had the capability to fly and be used by passengers, hence the term "Rocketship." However, the destructive conflict between Wreath and Landfall has caused the forest to be almost entirely annihilated; the forest was potentially targeted by one side in an effort to remove modes of transport which could be utilised by their enemies. Despite the battling, one rocketship remains standing and in full working order; the horrors had used their powers of illusion to hide a singular tree; this prevented it from being ruined by the conflict.

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The Final Rocketship[]

Marko, Alana and Hazel managed to locate the last standing rocketship through being guided by Izabel. Even though the forest appeared to be obliterated at first glance, Izabel revealed the final rocketship which the horrors had been hiding. Upon entering, they realise that the ship is incredibly sophisticated, sporting several rooms with different facilities and equipment. The ship is an organic entity, with an abundance of plantlife inside which grows around its interior. Despite the fact that the ship can seemingly be controlled, it generally takes its own course and remains difficult to directly influence. Its existence as an independent life-form is demonstrated by its autonomy and preference to travel the galaxy at its own desire. Even though we never explicitly observe the ship displaying sentient tendencies, its movement patterns imply that a conscious entity may be at work. ---

Rooms in the Ship

  •  A bedroom with multiple sleeping pods which are used by Marko and his group during long journeys.
  • The control room which can be used to partially influence the rocket's direction and interact with the ship's systems.
  • A bathroom with a working shower which according to Alana has, "The greatest water pressure I've ever experienced in my adult life." 
  • The kitchen which contains a cooker, several counter-tops and a refrigerator.
  • A master bedroom which Marko and Alana use for sleeping in.
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The Rocketship plays a vital role within the narrative of Saga, serving as the main characters primary method of transport.


After initially boarding the ship, Alana and co travel to the desolate planet of Quietus with the goal of locating D. Oswald Heist. They also return there when searching for Hazel and Princeling


For a while, the ship is stationed on Gardenia whilst Alana works as an actor at the Open Circuit; they leave the planet when collaborating with Prince Robot IV in an effort to find their families.


The Rocketship is used as a base of operations whilst Prince Robot IV is searching for fuel reserves in the Royal Embassy on Phang. Whilst mainly used for cooking, helping the indigenous species and sleeping, the ship is essential in assisting the group's escape. Unfortunately, Alana accidentally kills her pregnant child as the ship takes off when she falls against the wall at high speed.