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Saga is the science-fiction/fantasy comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples and published by Image Comics. The first issue was released on March 14, 2012.


Saga is an epic science-fiction/fantasy drama about a family fighting to survive in a perpetual war.


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Brian K. Vaughan has stated that the universe of Saga was inspired by a vast fantasy universe he first imagined when he was a child, explaining that it was a "demented fantasyland" full of spaceships and dragons. He had never planned to actually tell a story set in this world, until the birth of his first child provided sudden inspiration for Saga.[1] While Vaughan has borrowed certain character names and ideas from his childhood imaginings, this story is very much intended for adults.[2]

Regarding parenthood as the inspiration for this story, Vaughan stated:

"...I guess I've been thinking about what it means to bring children into the world during a time of multiple ongoing wars, and noticing how a lot of our childhood entertainment maybe helps prepare us for a state of perpetual conflict, for good or bad."[2]

Vaughan met co-creator Fiona Staples though Steve Niles, with whom she had worked on the miniseries Mystery Society. Struck by the originality of her art, Vaughan spoke with Staples and quickly realized this would be the dream ongoing series for the two to collaborate on.[3]

Regarding the choice of Image Comics, Vaughan has stated that Image is one of the only comics publishers that can still offer what he considers "a truly creator-owned contract."[2] He also credits publisher Eric Stephenson and Robert Kirkman for helping smooth the transition to the company.[3]