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Chapter Four
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Issue 4
Date: June 2012
Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Letters & design by Fonografiks
Coordinated by Eric Stephenson
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Saga #4 is the fourth issue of the comic book series Saga.


Welcome to Sextillion, a distant planet where even your darkest fantasies become reality.


The Will arrives on Sextillion. He's greeted by two lewdly dressed faces with long legs. They inform him all weapons and pets will need to stay in the vehicle. Lying Cat sulks as he's forced to carry The Will's items back.

On a mountain top in Cleave, Marko is covered in snow and finally awakens from his injuries. Alana hugs him in happiness. However, she quickly turns into interrogation as she asks who "Gwendolyn" is and why he screamed out her name when he was dying. He tells her Gwendolyn was someone he was engaged to back home on Wreath. When he left for war, she kept sending him letters to, "fight the good fight" even though he had grown distant from that desire. He realized it would never work between the two of them but was caught and placed in jail where he met Alana. Alana asks why she never heard of her before and Marko protests that he tried, but that she insisted the past stay in the past. He slowly begins to admit that her wedding ring also belongs to Gwendolyn, further infuriating Alana. He tells her that the ring was encoded with a 'translator spell' that would better help them

The Will walks around Sexitllion but is bored. A man spots his long face and asks what he's looking for. The Will replies he needs something less safe. He's brought to a room where he's introduced to Slave Girl, a six-year old who will do anything for you. The Will is disgusted and pop's the man's head between his hands. He grabs Slave Girl as they start to run away.

Later, Marko changes Hazel's diaper and is suddenly rushed by Alana. A Royal Vondertank suddenly arrives. Alana worries and says she can try and lie that he's a prisoner. Marko pulls his sword out and says it's time they fight.