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Sophie (formerly Slave Girl) is a child from the comet Phang, where she previously lived with her uncle and brother. She was sold by her uncle to Mama Sun to pay for her brother's release, who was arrested by the Wreath military after being accused of aiding Landfall in the war.

She spent an unknown amount of time as a Sextillion prostitute under the ownership of Mama Sun before The Will murdered her groomer and attempted to free her. Their first escape attempt was prevented when Mama Sun claimed that she was injected with a security elixir which would kill her if she was removed from the planet before the end of her term. This occurred when she was only six years old.

The Will and Gwendolyn later rescued Sophie from Sextillion Loss Prevention on Indica after fooling Mama Sun into neutralizing her security elixir under the false pretense that she was actually from Wreath and had her horns surgically removed.

Sophie has some ability to communicate with magical objects. She displays this ability when she helps to locate the engagement rings that were forged along with Gwendolyn's translation pendant, which were being held by Marko and Alana.

The Will and Gwendolyn have named her Sophie. In issue #24, she notes that she is almost eight years old.

Upon arriving on Demimonde, they were attacked by multiple dragons.[1] Sophie had Gwen use her translation pendant to communicate with the dragons. The dragons informed them there was only one male left and he was in a cave and that he was mean.[2] Upon arriving in the cave, The Brand warned them to stay back and let her retrieve the semen as she was more experience. Sophie didn’t listen and forged forward. When the dragon woke and saw Sophie, The Brand jumped in to save her. However, the Dragon bit The Brand in half. Gwen attempted to use electricity to shock the dragon but burned herself in the process.[3]

Gwen and Sophie soon returned to Wreath hospital where they had left The Will. They gave him the antidote and he made a speedy recovery. He became enraged when he learned his sister had died protecting them in retrieving the antidote.[4]



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