Sweet Boy
Sweet boy.jpg
Affiliation "The Brand", "The Will"
Species Canine
Status Dead
First appearance Saga #17 (December, 2013)
Last appearance Saga #42 (January, 2017)
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Sweet Boy is the sidekick of the Freelancer "The Brand" who first appears in issue #17 (volume 3). He appears to be canine, resembling a St. Bernard with red and black markings similar to a panda bear, and white eyes that produce light in certain frames. He wears a miniature barrel, or flask around his neck (similar to the ones St. Bernard dogs can be seen with) with a skull and crossbones depicted on it. Sweet Boy is capable of shooting darts from his nose, varying in type as seen in issue #17 when he shot two darts filled with 'Embargon' at the journalists Upsher and Doff; and issue #24 (volume 4) when he shot two sedative darts at Lying Cat. It's speculated that these darts are possibly kept with the flask around his neck.

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