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The Brand
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The Brand is a Freelancer first appearing in Saga #17 (volume 3) where she was hired by Landfall Coalition secret intelligence to silence Upsher and Doff--two journalists who are researching the Alana and Marko story for a publication called The Hebdomadal.

The Brand is accompanied by "Sweet Boy"--a red St. Bernard-like animal with the ability to project darts with various properties from his nose. He poisons Upsher and Doff with darts laced with "Embargon"--a potion that will kill the journalists if they continue to speak or write about their current story but is otherwise harmless.

The Brand carries a Crash Helmet and a switchblade with similar magical properties as the gear used by Marko's parents, Barr and Klara.

The Brand claims to be the sister of The Will. While hospitalized, The Will recognizes her and utters the name Sophie. The two embrace, and she calls him "Billy".

Saving The Will[]

Later, The Brand heads to Quietus and asks Ghus if he's seen her brother. Ghus points her to Gwen, Sophie, and Lying Cat. Upon tracking them, she learns they are attempting to save her brother's life and not hurt him. She agrees to help them retrieve the next ingredient needed to save her brother's life, dragon semen which can only be found on Demimonde.[1]

Upon arriving, The Brand helped the group battle several dragons. Sophie soon recommended they attempt to use the translation pendent to communicate with the dragons. They were then pointed to a cave where a larger and meaner male dragon lived.[2] Upon arriving, The Brand recommended she forge forward while the others stay behind. However, Sophie snuck down and found herself in immediate danger when the male dragon discovered her presence. The Brand attempted to rush to her aid but was bitten in half by the male dragon.[3] Note:Information taken from The Brand page on Image Comics.