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The Stalk
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The Stalk was a Freelancer from the planet Demimonde, assigned to track down Alana and Marko. Her orders, like those of The Will, were to kill the fugitive couple and recover their child Hazel. The Stalk was apparently female and possessed a spider-like appearance. She had eight eyes and eight appendages which she used to wield several guns, knives, and other weapons simultaneously. She also possessed a barbed tongue which she used to impale and incapacitate Marko.[1] Before she can take further action against Alana, she hears the sound of approaching Horrors and flees.

Not long after, she found herself pursued by giant tusked boar-like creatures and phoned The Will for assistance with her mission. He refused, citing past infidelity. However, he later found himself in need of aid, and called The Stalk to belatedly accept her request--which she, in turn, refused, having gained a new lead on the case.

Unfortunately for The Stalk, Prince Robot IV and a squad of Coalition forces arrived and viewed her as a threat, seeing a number of incapacitated Coalition soldiers (who had been overcome by Alana and Marko, not The Stalk). When she tried to identify herself, her movement was interpreted as hostile, and the prince blew a hole in her chest.

The Will, on the phone with her at the time she died, spoke to Prince Robot IV when he picked up her phone. The Will promised to murder him and everything he loved as revenge for The Stalk's death.[2]