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A Timesuck is a galactic cosmic creature of awesome size and power encountered in Saga issue #10. Its infant form resembles a titanic fetus, sporting three black eyes with yellow glowing pupils.

Role in the events[]

During the arrival of Marko's mother and father (Klara and Barr), Izabel is briefly banished to a planetoid by Klara, who mistakes her for a hostile entity. The planetoid turns out to be an egg about to hatch an Infant Timesuck. Although Marko and Klara manage to rescue Izabel on time to escape the hatching, their rocketship tree comes under attack by The Will's ship. When Gwendolyn fires a heat-seeking missile, Alana manages to deflect it, but it hits the Timesuck. The entity inflicts massive damage to The Will's vessel and almost consumes Alana and Marko's rocketship tree, which manages to escape narrowly when Marko uses Klara and Barr's crash helmets as fuel.


Very little is known about the Timesuck, other than what is spoken by The Will who describes it as an "Astrologic super predator, once saw one take out a whole armada."

The Timesuck appears to operate like a black hole, sucking things into its immense maw for sustenance. This ability is presumably the source of its name. As a defense mechanism, the Timesuck has the ability to discharge directed black energy (or possibly high-pressure fluid) from its three eyes.